Who we are

e9fdfeef5748f665bf5c04ce401b7188_480_640PT Buanagraha Arthaprima is a building management company established in 1993 in Jakarta – Indonesia, who owns and manage Gedung Artha Graha, an five stars building located in the prime of Jakarta’s CBD. With its mission of “your slogan or mission here”, PT Buanagraha Arthaprima strives to be a first class building management company by International Standards.

The Company has embedded the vision into its corporate strategy which contains cutting-edge design, highest standard safety and quality as well as latest technologies, hereby leading to a long-term competitiveness in the industry. The company is well-known for its professional, experience and commitment as a building management who has managed more than 200 tenants in the Gedung Artha Graha area.

The company is a part of the Artha Graha Network (AG Network), a partnership network of private companies engaging in various industries, such as property, banking, infrastructure, fishery, etc.



We are proud to partner with
Bank Artha Graha
PT Danayasa Arthatama Tbk